3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

The Future.

Looking Forward: Marketing Forecasts, Trends and the Road Ahead   

Healthcare marketers are forced to innovate in ways unfamiliar to those in other fields, forging new paths and developing creative solutions to unique marketing challenges.  The ongoing changes in healthcare marketing have much in common with the shift B2B marketers across industries have experienced in recent years, with the customer journey growing to include rigorous online research in which potential buyers explore a variety of options, partly to determine what their experience with each provider might be like. Today’s healthcare marketers have access to unprecedented innovation, technology and analytics. With so much technology and data available they need to consider how to use it. 


Consumers will separate the fads from the real value. Nothing is more personal than an individual's health; the technology that will prove most effective will be solutions that are personal. Those that are human, with the ability to express empathy (AI); incorporated into real life, instead of functioning as a separate wearable; and personal, tailored to the individual.  Here’s your chance to discover what’s happening with trends like patient experience, customer relationship management, location-based adverting, AI, voice personalization and wearables. Plus, find out what’s in store for 2019 and beyond as a panel of CMOs take a deep dive into healthcare marketing’s most significant challenges, including:

  • Effective strategies for marketers to compete in the oversaturated world of content marketing

  • Identifying which groups are prized targets—both now and in the future

  • The roadmap to a more proactive, personalized consumer experience

  • Exploring the most effective use of CRM

  • Examining the alternatives to patient portals

  • Effectively targeting consumers by location


Bryan Bowles

Vice President, Marketing

Premier, Inc.


Kelly Jo Golsen

Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Advocate Healthcare


Valerie M. Simon

Chief Marketing Officer

Atlantic Health System

Lindsey Meyers

Vice President of Public Relations and Communications

Avera Health