8:00 a.m. - 9:00a.m.

Opening Keynote

Adapting to a Consumer-Centered Reality

Every day, people expect more and more from the companies they interact with – the transition from digital to physical experiences must be convenient and seamless, companies need to know and predict their individual preferences, consumers require transparency at all levels. Whether it be buying shoes or streaming movies, if a company doesn’t deliver on these expectations, consumers move on to someone else who does. The fact is healthcare is no longer exempt from this high-stakes consumer revolution. As an industry, we need to adapt to a consumer-centered reality or miss out. That shift may be easier than most think.

Kevan Mabbutt

Senior Vice President and Chief Consumer Officer

Intermountain Healthcare

Kevan Mabbutt is the Senior Vice President and Chief Consumer Officer of Intermountain Healthcare. He began serving in this position in August 2017. Mr. Mabbutt brings more than 25 years of consumer-focused experience to this new role.

As a member of Intermountain’s Executive Leadership Team, Mr. Mabbutt is responsible for bringing consumers’ (patients, customers, members, caregivers, and community) perspectives to the forefront of healthcare design and delivery. He leads Intermountain’s efforts to identify what healthcare consumers need and expect from Intermountain, and to evolve the organization’s capability to create and deliver consistent, consumer-centric, digitally enabled experiences for them. Mr. Mabbutt also directs and leads Intermountain’s communication, marketing, and branding activities.

Mr. Mabbutt was previously at The Walt Disney Company, based in Los Angeles, California, where he served as the Global Head of Consumer Insight. He led consumer experience development and transformation for Disney’s theme park, cruise line, resort, retail, and digital assets in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. He was instrumental in defining and optimizing the guest experience at Disney’s first theme park in mainland China (Shanghai Disney Resort). He also helped drive the expansion of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars brands globally.