4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Closing Keynote

Hear Me and Heal Me: Bringing Human Insight and Empathy to Healthcare Marketing

In an increasingly data-driven world, it’s vital to not lose sight of the importance of story-driven approaches. In healthcare, with its warranted focus on technology, efficacy and proven outcomes, it’s especially important to remember that people not only want to be healed – they want to be heard. And the feeling of being heard can increase a person’s affinity for a healthcare brand. Referencing insights from Chicago Cubs, Seven Daughters Wines, and Advocate Healthcare campaigns, we show how empathy for and attention to humans and the meaning of our personal health stories can help healthcare providers make deep connections with consumers – to the benefit of all.

Suzanne Martineau

Chief Human Insights Officer


Suzanne Martineau brings incredible energy, enthusiasm and a uniquely intellectual and creative skill-set to brand and creative strategy at SCC. Suzanne joined SCC in 1998, working as a creative, creative director and executive creative director. Shifting gears, she co-authored the IP for the agency’s planning process and spearheaded our renewed focus on human insights – becoming SCC’s first Chief Human Insights Officer. She has been an invaluable part of insight-driven campaigns for Advocate Health Care, Seven Daughters Wines, Johnson & Johnson, and the National Pork Board among others. Suzanne holds a Ph.D. in Political Philosophy from Vanderbilt University – appropriate training for a life dedicated to the art of persuasion.